Mistakes Were Made

Greenhouse Hooligans

Session 1

After a trip to free some slaves from the Sand Sifters, Vaslof gets his friends, Palevith and Cendath, taken instead. Despite their belief that he has thoroughly betrayed them, the werewolf (reluctantly) enlisted the help of Roarke the Were King.

Roarke agrees to travel with Vaslof until he reaches territory boundaries that he cannot cross… leading the other wolf on a cross-country adventure that lands them in Alocan’s greenery.

Once there, the two of them begin to wreak havoc upon the land. Roarke failed to do an impression of a tree and got caught, selling out Vaslof in order to win Alocan’s trust…. sorta.

Eventually, Roarke and Alocan head into town and catch up to Vaslof (who took off with everything of value), but they do not stay. Roarke pays for the damages to the greenhouse and, after eavesdropping on a conversation with a couple of suspicious people at the inn, convinces Alocan to continue traveling with them in order to check on Alabaster (the local Plains Giant).

Alabaster has been poisoned by the Sand Sifters, but, with Vaslof’s help, the issue was dealt with temporarily. Nonetheless, the group began to hurry further, worried that she would die within a few days without the antidote.

The journey seems to go along fine until the three man crew manages to run into a part of the forest that is inhabited by Scythe Trees. The Scythe Trees are evenly dispatched (Roarke 1, Vaslof 1, Alocan’s Earth Elemental 1), but not before Vaslof has to break out his secret weapon.

Inside of Vaslof’s bag of holding was a Chimera. Ruze is Vaslof’s trained companion who hates ground things (potatoes, strawberries, etc) and finds Roarke to be “rude”.



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